Request an Antique

Are you looking for a particular Antique and just can't find it? Why not ask our network of Antiques Dealers to search for you by using our Request Service.

How do I find an antique that I can’t find online?

Sometimes tracking a particular item can tricky, often leading to frustration and often giving up. The most efficient means of locating a particular item is to leverage the power of the Looking for Antiques dealer network which includes some of the most influential and knowledgeable antique dealers in the UK. If you have searched but cannot find an antique, then you can try our ‘Request’ service and our antique dealer network will try to find it for you.

It might be that a dealer has the item you’re looking for in storage and has not yet had the opportunity to upload it to the Looking for Antiques website. If this is the case, when a dealer knows that you are looking for a particular item, they can make you aware they have it and you can purchase it through Looking For Antiques. Alternatively, dealers monitor our antique requests and if they see an item at an auction that they are planning to attend, they might be prepared to bid and purchase on your behalf.

It's free to submit a request, and you'll get replies directly to your email inbox. If you like it, you can buy it. The choice is yours!