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Original Oil On Canvas, Printemps A Chezy Sur Yonne By Gabriel Vie

Original Oil On Canvas, Printemps A Chezy Sur Yonne By Gabriel Vie



Approx: $1,203 / €1,018
Key Information
Mid-Century Modern
Good and Usable Condition
20 KG (44.09 lbs)
cm inch
Length/Width Depth Height
70 cm 15 cm 60 cm
27.56in 5.91in 23.62in

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Framed & Signed Original Oil Painting on Canvas, 'Printemps a Chezy sur Yonne' by Gabriel Vie (French, 1888-1973).

Barring his dates, I can find no biographical information for Gabriel Vie and, to add to the mystery, there is some doubt also about the setting of this painting; Chezy is between the River Loire and the River Alliers but is not on either bank, whereas there is a place called Cezy on the banks of the River Yonne but I cannot explain why a Frenchman would have made this error?

Nevertheless, it's a charming and colourful landscape in the manner of a French impressionist painter and similar works by the same artist sell well, both at auction and in galleries.

Frame 59.5cm x 69.5cm (23.5" x 27.25")
Picture 44cm x 54cm (17.25" x 21.25")
O/All Depth of Frame 5.5cm (2.25")

This is an original artwork, probably dating from Early to Mid 20thC but both canvas & frame are in very good, clean & sound condition.

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